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What we do

Through community base projects, and the development of skills and support for young people in Sustainable Agriculture and Entrepreneurship we pave the way  to a steady youth employment, food sovereignty, poverty alleviation, environmental protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation and community development.

Our Yearly Goal is: One-Farm per community.

NASLA envisages a Youth Agri-entrepreneurship and Perm-agroecological Center (YAP-Center) that trains and inspires new idea development for young people while building partnerships, Creating more support opportunities to facilitate access to secured jobs, financial services and skills for young people to grow their own businesses.

YAP-Center focuses on developing the potentials of young people to become resilient and actors in community development while increasing individual/group actions to fighting climate change.

NASLA recognizes young people as the leaders of tomorrow by giving them the opportunity to lead their own journeys to the future and hence our interventions are designed to suit young people’s unique needs, the environment, communities, and the society.


We would be delighted to have you in our team for our ongoing and upcoming projects.