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Root Biz Registration Open

ROOT BIZ is a program that will build youth interest in agriculture and entrepreneurship in Cameroon, Africa by providing quarterly workshops that will provide agricultural skills, tips, and insight into sustainable agriculture. Participants will spend a day with NASLA and experience a 3-hour classroom training with professional instructors then participants will tour local farms within the community for field demonstration. ROOT BIZ is geared toward young professionals ages 18-35.

Consider making a tax-deductible donation to support the participation of 350 young people.


About the ROOT BIZ Campaign

The problem:

1) In Cameroon, the majority of people living in extreme poverty and 80% of the total population living in rural areas make a living from agriculture.

2) For over the years, agriculture has been considered by many as a last resort job for the dull or uneducated or a retirement activity for basic food sustenance.

3) Lack of inputs, supplies, resources for startup farmers to boast agricultural productivity.

4) There are limited and somehow very expensive programs that provide skills training for farmers, youth interested in agriculture.

5) Poor agriculture practices that are not sustainable and cannot meet the needs of this growing generation. The introduction of fertilized agriculture is harmful to the environment. The practice of subsistence
agriculture is not sustaining to be food and income secured.
Also, the continuous destruction of the ecosystem through the cutting down or burning of plants for farm purposes without reforestation leading to the climate crisis.

7) Average youth unemployment in Cameroon as of 2019 stands at 5.82%.

8) Youth make up over 60% of Cameroon’s growing workforce population.

9) The over 4years of civil war crisis in Cameroon has remained persistent due to the drop in economic activities which has caused many youths to continue joining arm groups in search of security and wellbeing.

10) The negative influence of covid 19 measures has generated an increase in local and global food crisis.

11)High youth migration to urban cities and foreign nations has led many
communities with abundant land resources to continue to remain in waste.

Use of Proceeds

We are looking to raise funds to support up to 7 workshops in a year to

enroll 350 young people into the program and provide supplies for each participant;

provide training material for workshop leaders;

provide field supplies for farming visits, sanitation supplies;

reserve a 35 passenger van for field trips;

sponsor facility rental fees and equipment for, and;

aid with marketing needs and publications.

Ways your donation will make an impact

  • $10 USD will sponsor 1 participant in learning more about agriculture and entrepreneurship
  • $25 USD can provide sanitation supplies
  • $50 USD will buy supplies for workshop presenters
  • $90 USD will buy program publications and marketing
  • $150 USD will provide light refreshments to 35 participants
  • $200 USD will buy facility rental and equipment
  • $500 USD will fund 1 ROOT BIZ workshop for up to 35 participants
  • $3,000 USD will fund 6 ROOT BIZ workshops for up to 210 participants and supplies

Support ROOT BIZ

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