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Our Story

Meet the visionary behind NASLA

Tendong Denis Ngweh, Founder and CEO of NASLA

Welcome, Neighbor! I am delighted to have you visit us online and hope to connect with you in Cameroon, Africa. My vision for The Network of Agric and Sustainable Leaders for Africa, (NASLA) is far bigger than one man to handle. NASLA is a youth initiative that I envisioned during my youth while picking tree nuts and working in the fields with my family. I pursued higher education and opportunities to develop my vision to build a sustainable youth program focused on agriculture and entrepreneurship. Agriculture is a big business and has an array of business ideas in which one could pursue as an entrepreneur. 
I have yet to find a model like NASLA; therefore, I build a model to match the vision and dream of mine. I now help others connect their vision to strategies and build their interest in giving back to their community. 
Here at NASLA, we are a small group of young leaders with a mission to equip, empower, and support our youth in their endeavors. We hope that our teachings at our future Youth Agribusiness and Permaculture Center, (YAP), will bring great attention to the innovative lives that dwell among Cameroon and provide support to communities. It is my desire that you would consider partnering with NASLA as we have ongoing projects and programs to enhance the young leaders of tomorrow. 
Tendong Denis Ngweh