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Ways to support

We appreciate your consideration of what we are doing through NASLA. Our team is on a mission to develop youth and communities in Africa through sustainable agriculture and entrepreneurship. Below are various ways in which your support could be of great help to NASLA.


Working is a necessity for most young people. However, the youth unemployment rate in Cameroon and Africa increases month by month and year by year with the job market not being able to keep up with the fresh graduates The unemployed school dropouts are considered flames of a high crime wave, terrorism, drug addicts, prostitutes, and many other ill acts. Cameroon, Africa youth and young adults experience many challenges beyond the textbook such as food scarcity, little skills, and hope.


NASLA’s mission is to create jobs, educate young people, and develop young entrepreneurs who continue to harvesting communities. Through experiential farming and workshops showing how to farm and start a business will provide a pathway for resources, food, mentorship, hope, support, and create a sustainable society. Our team of professionals mentor youth, offer resources and tools for their project needs and serve as a bridge that connects youth to greater opportunities in the agriculture field.

Long-Term Impact

ROOT BIZ will teach foundational skills, offer hands-on training, and boost confidence in new idea development for young people while building partnerships, creating more support opportunities to facilitate access to secured jobs, offer a stipend to NASLA Community Ambassadors, and help young people grow their own businesses. Our focus is to develop the potentials of young people to become resilient and active in community development increasing actions to fighting climate change.


We are a nonprofit organization led by a team of devoted young people coming from various backgrounds. Our mission is to develop an experiential learning center, create community-based, innovative farms, develop practical skills and support for youth and smallholder farmers; create platforms and opportunities for business development and resilience, while reducing poverty, creating jobs, increasing food security, protecting the environment,  and developing communities.

Where do we work?

Founded in Cameroon, Africa in 2016 and established in 2018, NASLA has spent most of its years serving local communities. 

We have partnered with local farmers and other non-government organizations (NGO) for the common good of developing youth and enriching communities. 

NASLA is growing its reach to offer an online presence in 2021, by offering instructional workshops in both agriculture and entrepreneurship. Our desire is to be a bridge for organizations looking to partner/sponsor educational programs in Africa. 

Is sponsorship a monthly giving?

Sponsorship is received monthly, quarterly, or annually. NASLA has ongoing projects and workshops throughout the year in which resources such as funding, office supplies, and operational resources are always needed.

Our donors may choose to setup up one-time payments or monthly reoccurring payments.

How does NASLA end global poverty?

NASLA takes on poverty by teaching youth how to establish farms and how to start a business, including hands-on training and mentoring support for both maintaining farms and developing small farms. 
It is hard to dream big dreams with an empty stomach or no money. Our mission is to provide food to local orphanages and compensate our Community Ambassadors, who volunteer

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