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Corporate Giving

Corporate Giving

NASLA serves as a catalyst for youth in Cameroon to gain interest in agriculture and entrepreneurship. Our programs are only sustainable and strong through partnerships with companies that support our initiatives, events, and projects.

Corporate donations can be designated to a single project that might be strategically in line with a company’s mission statement. Alternatively, donations can support an array of different initiatives that might highlight a company’s diversity program, diverse geographic areas and interests.

Corporate sponsors benefits:

  • Demonstrate corporate social responsibility
  • Participate in a strategic partnership that aligns the interest of both parties
  • Brand and image association

The NASLA Team will provide detailed reports including financials of the activity funded by companies.

Donate Now through GivingWay

NASLA is an approved NGO that has established a safe and secure way for individuals and organizations to give to NASLA.

All donations are tax-deductible and will receive a receipt verifying the contribution made through GivingWay. NASLA Volunteers are also screened, updated, and monitored through this secured platform.

Ways to get involved as a corporation:

Event Sponsorship:

Partner with NASLA by sponsoring are events and campaigns that are organized each year. We offer diverse sponsorship opportunities with both tangible and measurable outcomes. Choose how you wish to support NASLA to ensure that your company’s mission is aligned with that of NASLA. Our team is ready to help you attract new leads and market your products and services.

Workplace Giving:

We make fundraising for charities fun, engaging, and less of a headache for our partners by helping market our sponsors on all of NASLA’s social media outlets. 

Consider staff fundraising as a diversity excersise for your team and the many ways to connect your staff to a diverse world. Exposing individuals to International platforms provides a sense of appreciation for diverse cultures, in return will create a sense of community for organizations. 
Let’s connect to discuss ways NASLA can support and encourage your fundraising ideas.

Project Sponsorship:
NASLA is open to companies determining how they want to partner with us. Although it is imperative that our missions connect in some way, our goal is to provide our corporate sponsors the room needed to be creative and not cause hardship for either party. 

We have ongoing projects that increase that are geared toward keeping the youth in Cameroon engaged outside their homes. Your organization’s support will show a global concern for the future of Cameroon youth. 

To schedule a phone conference or video conference to discuss corporate sponsorship opportunities, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.