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About Us


Mission Statement

We exist to improve the living standard of young people in Cameroon and Africa by empowering and supporting them to bring out their full potentials in sustainable agriculture and entrepreneurship development, in order to build resilient communities for the future.

Bringing young people together to gain inspiration, build skills and design project ideas towards ensuring growth and self-sufficiency. Providing long-term solutions to fighting hunger, poverty, unemployment and climate change is what We seek to realize.

We believe young people along with the society can move forward through this path and pave the way for a brighter future.


NASLA was founded by TENDONG DENIS NGWEH, a Young Cameroonian (Age: 23). Born in a bush and from a poor farming family household and community located in remote part of the North West Region of Cameroon, some 30KM away from the region’s main city, Bamenda.

Growing up in a typical remote community and experiencing  farming life with his mother and father, Practicing Monocropping, through a subsistence farming system, we had just enough to live on as food and income. Life was cruel.  Denis had the opportunity to experience firsthand how poverty manifest in the lives of many rural indigenes, causing many children a lot of challenges ranging from poor health, lack of access to nutritious food, child poverty, and limited opportunities and most importantly losing their right to education, fully or partly. Hence increased migration rate of rural youths to bigger cities and even foreign nations.

Growing through these challenges, for most young people, going back to Agriculture after school, is the furthest dream for one to ever imagine.

Denis, with his parents who admire the education of child, overcame this challenges to make his rights to education were not neglected. After his Bachelor’s in Business Administration, he was fortune to participate in a one-month Training program  on sustainability. From this training, Denis was reignited with the fire to take his career as a back to nature  as a social and agripreneur working for the well-being of young people and the community. His passion is in Sustainable agriculture, Youth Entrepreneurship and the desire to live in the beauty of nature. He also enjoys living a community life where the well-being of young people are improved.

Stepping from his personal experiences and educational career to founding NASLA (Network of Agric and Sustainable Leaders for Africa) in 2016, he started holding focus group meetings with friends, mates and relatives, where he shared the vision of this initiative while  listening to the views of others and how they share their stories and challenges.

With a team of five founding Board of Directors, in 2018, NASLA (The Network of Agric and Sustainable Leaders for Africa) became a registered, non-for-Profit Organization led by a team of devoted young people coming from different backgrounds in life. Since then, the team has grown to include a board and 10 Volunteers with deep passion and interested in the following areas: 

  • Sustainable Agriculture and Permaculture
  • Youth Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness development
  • Community Development
  • Environmental protection and climate change.

We have also grow to include a good number supporters and followers. —all of whom have been donating countless hours of their time and resources to ensuring that we are working towards the vision of the organization and achieving our goals and objectives.


Our vision is to create a supportive and enabling environment for sustainable development of young people and the society for brighter future.