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Agro and Business

Agriculture and entrepreneurship are essential drivers of economic, social, and environmental development in Cameroon, Africa. The Network of Agric and Sustainable Leaders for Africa, NASLA, exists to create and develop these two areas to improve the livelihood of young people & their communities.

Welcome to NASLA

Paving the Way for Improved Livelihood in Cameroon, Africa

We are a nonprofit organization led by a team of devoted young people coming from various backgrounds. Our mission is to develop an experiential learning center, create community-based projects, innovative farms, develop practical skills and support for youth and smallholder farmers; create platforms and opportunities for business development and resilience, while reducing poverty, creating jobs, increasing food security, protecting the environment, and developing communities.

NASLA GlobalGiving Campaign

Partner with NASLA during its GlobalGiving Accelerator Campaign to help with planting seeds of hope throughout Africa. NASLA is looking for community ambassadors and supports to help us reach our campaign goals. Can we count on your support?

With your help, we can Grow Food, Grow Hope together!

Donations are needed year-round.

Upcoming Events and Projects

ROOT BIZ quarterly workshops were founded by and are organized by NASLA. Our mission with this project is to empower 350 youths and potential farmers in Cameroon every year through agriculture and entrepreneurship.

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Who we are

We are a nonprofit organization led by a team of devoted young people coming from different backgrounds in life…


What we do

We pave the way  to a steady youth employment, food sovereignty, poverty alleviation, environmental protection,…


How you can help

Donating: Your time and energy, a Land, Farm equipment or tools, Quality seeds, or supporting Our youth and community base project.

Volunteer or Partner With Us

YAP Center Coming Soon!

NASLA envisages a Youth Agri-entrepreneurship and Perm-agroecological Center (YAP-Center) that trains and inspires new idea development for young people while building partnerships, creating more support opportunities to facilitate access to secured jobs, financial services, and skills for young people to grow their own businesses.

Explore more ways to support NASLA’s programs and operational needs.


Our culture is VOLUNTEERISM. We believe that, our mission would not happen without the help of a dedicated team of volunteers. Currently we have 10 volunteers and they are a vital resource for the organization. You do not need to be a member to volunteer, as long as you support our mission and the work we do, you are viable to be part.

Volunteer Expectations

What You Can Expect from NASLA

  • Respectfulness of your commitment, time & confidentiality
  • To be part of a team
  • Ongoing support from everyone
  • An inclusive, welcoming culture
  • To be recognized and appreciated for your work
  • The right to say no to projects and tasks that make you uncomfortable. 


Tendong Denis Ngweh

Executive Director & Social Business Consultant

Hurairatu Jaika

Administrative Assistant

Yuketa Hall

Director of Programs, PR Specialist, & Marketing Specialist

Ndim Allan

Communications & IT Officer

Tebug Antionette Mah

Community Relations Officer & Agribusiness Technician

Yuh Marceline Nayah

Agricultural Officer

Bangha Clearance

Farm Technician

Kang Queenta

Volunteer Coordinator

Ndah Nelvis Tah

Board Adviser

We are on a mission to create jobs, educate young people, and develop young entrepreneurs and communities.

Working is a necessity for most young people. But Youth unemployment rate in Cameroon and Africa keeps increasing month by month and year by year with the job market not being able to keep up with the fresh graduates who need jobs while the unemployed school dropouts are considered flames of high crime wave, terrorism, drug addicts, prostitutes and many other ill acts.

VolunteEring With NASLA

We appreciate our volunteers that serve their expertise to NASLA.

Equal Opportunity

NASLA is a youth-led organization and provides equal volunteering opportunity for all young people between the ages of 15-35 years.

The Orientation Process

1. Complete Volunteer Application Form 2. Complete Volunteer Agreement Form
3. Attend Volunteer Orientation
4. Start volunteering!


An efficient, successful operation and satisfied volunteers go hand in hand. Volunteer grievances are of concern to NASLA.


We would be delighted to have you in our team for our ongoing and upcoming projects.